About us

Anil Associates Placements Pvt Ltd.

The seeds of Anil Associates Placements Pvt. Ltd. were laid down by its founder Mrs. Rohini Rajdev who is by profession a BSC and an MBA from Punjab University. She created wonders in the top level recruitment in the country and gave CXOs and business heads to most of the top groups of the country. Being an energetic woman and a strategic visionary, she brings to the table 15+ years of professional experience in Human Resource and Admin. She Connects businesses across industries to the right human capital with a vision to create winning teams & long-term organizational value.

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Our Mission

• Our mission is to be the most respected Talent Acquisition firm who provide unprecedented service to the clients with the highest possible value.“

Our Vision

• Our Vision is our Philosophy to build a global solution hub that meets every agreed expectation of our customer instantaneously and economically.

Our Values

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